Master Scholarship

Masters Degree Taught in English 
【Textile University rank 3】
Duration 2 years 
1.Materials and Chemical Engineering
2.Communication Engineering
3.Art Design
4. Logistics Engineering and Management
5.Professional Accounting
6.Medicinal Engineering
7.Software Engineering
8.Business Administration
9.Computer Science and Technology
10.Environment Science and Engineering
11.Master of Translation and Interpreting
12.Textile Engineering
13.Electronic Information
14.Management Science and Engineering
CSC Scholarship:
1.Free Tuition Fees 
2.Free Accommodation Fees 
3.Insurance Fees Free
4.Monthly Stipend 3000CNY
University Scholarship:
1.Free Tuition Fees
2.Free Accommodation Fees
3.Monthly Stipend1500CNY
3.Last Academic Transcriptand Certificate 
4.English Proficiency Certificate
5.Health Check Up Certificate
6.Police Clearance
7.Two recommendation Letter
8.Study Plan/Research Proposal
Any more details, please contact our manager.

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Bachelor Scholarship

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